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Organic Elderberry Syrup

This delicious blend includes Certified Organic Elderberries, Alkaline Water, Cinnamon, Raw Agave Nectar, Cloves, Star Anise, Ginger, and Lemon.

Elderberry is proven to work faster & more effectively than over the counter medicine and its all natural! It is known to fight off cold and flu viruses and boost the immune system if taken daily.

Adults take 1 tbsp a day or 3-4 times a day if sick. Children take 1 tsp daily to boost immune system or 3-4 times if sick as well.

Lasts refrigerated for up to 3 months.

- Strengthens immune system
- Natural diuretic and laxative
- Anti-aging properties
- Manages weight
- Soothes upset stomach and relieves gas
- Promotes bone strength and the development of new bone tissue
- Fights cold, flu, cough and other viruses
- Good source of fiber
- Alleviates respiratory conditions such as asthma, allergies, and bronchitis
- Lowers blood pressure, blood sugar, & bad cholesterol
- Treats & reduces cancer risk
- Anti-inflammatory
- Antioxidant
- Anti-depressant tendencies
- Relaxes sore muscles and joints
- Improves bacteria balance

Disclaimer: Not FDA approved. Please consult with your health care provider before use if you are on any medications.