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"Let Me Tell You How..."

"Let Me Tell You How..."
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“Let Me Tell You How” is a guide on what I actually did to lose  weight and heal myself naturally. This short book contains so much valuable information that will help you with your journey towards living a better, healthier lifestyle!
Content includes:
• Ways to change your mindset for better health • How to eat and what to avoid 
• Tips for cheat days
• My favorite workout guide for beginners 
• Apps to help you with staying on track with your new lifestyle journey 
• Natural products to use and their benefits 
• How to stay consistent 
• What to eat when dining out 
• Journaling tips 

This book also includes bonus tips along with poetry and a prayer for healthy living! 
Don’t wait! Start making better choices today! Order your copy now!!! Also available on Amazon in e-book and paperback format!