Wise Life Essentials

Bladderwrack & Burdock Root Infused Sea Moss Gel

16 oz jar

Sea moss is rich in antioxidants and great for boosting the immune system. It is found to promote beautiful skin & increases skin elasticity; increases energy; increases libido; increases sexual health; promotes weight loss; boosts testosterone; eliminates mucus; lowers blood pressure, soothes the digestive tract; and contains 92 of the 102 minerals that our body needs.

Adding Bladderwrack and Burdock Root to Sea Moss will give you all 102 minerals and nutrients that the body needs. Bladderwrack is known for improving eye health and removing metal from the blood. Burdock root is known to reduce sweet cravings, cleansing the blood, strengthening and toning the intestines and is mineral rich.

Take 1-2 tbsp a day. It can be taken straight from the jar or added to your coffee, tea, juice, smoothie, oatmeal, pie, soup,etc. It can also be used as a facial skin care regimen daily. Keep refrigerated for up to 3-4 weeks or can be frozen for up to 3 months.

Ingredients: Irish Sea Moss and Alkaline

Disclaimer: Not FDA approved. Please consult with your health care provider before use if you are on any medications.